Our accounting services are much more focused on the overall health of a business. Accounting is the fundamental of any business and requires more understanding of a business. We offer services to setup the accounting for new businesses and the preparing of financial statements. Below are some of the service we offer.

Financial Statements

Preparation of financial statements for internal and external users. Financial statements give a viewpoint of the overall health of a business and help make business decisions. These financial statements consist of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flow.

General Ledger

Reviewing of general ledger accounts. Reviewing of transactions to assure expenses and revenue are entered correctly and in the correct period. Having expenses and revenue in  the correct account is important in seeing the whole perspective of the business.


Estimating expenses and revenue in future periods based on past transactions. Budgeting helps a business plan for the future based on their business needs and aspirations.

Accounting Setup

Setup of business into accounting software. Setup of charts of accounts. Setup of fixed assets and depreciation schedule. The accounting setup is very important for any new business and needs to be done properly.