Our bookkeeping services consist of the every day transactions and up-keeping of a business. These services are vital and have to be done properly in order for a business to be successful. Below are a few examples of the type of bookkeeping services that we offer.

Daily Entry

Entering of data that is performed by the business on a daily basis. Making sure deposits and other financial transactions are entered.

Accounts Payable

Entering of invoices and sending of payments. Making sure that all invoices are entered and coded to the correct expense account. Reviewing of invoice due dates to avoid fees and to take advantage of any vendor discounts. Assuring that vendors are paid correctly and on time.

Accounts Receivable

Creating of invoices and statements, which are sent to business customers. Making sure that all customers of the business are being billed properly and on time. Review of the business’s A/R aging report to make sure payments are being received and processed.

Bank Reconciliation

Clearing of data entered into the business books against the data on bank statements. This assures that all income and expenses are correct on both ends. The investigation of any discrepancies.

Journal Entry

Preparation of month end journal entries and adjusting journal entries. Adjusting entries are made to allocate expenses in the correct period. Journal entries are also important for depreciation and amortization of an asset.